SAP Services | Business Application and Technology Services

Libryn's SAP Business Application and Technology services are designed to offer higer value realization,faster adoption of innovation and higher efficiency in the implementation of SAP solutions.

Governance,Risk and Compliance Services:

SAP GRC applications help companies meet their GRC regulatory requirements by providing enterprise solutions with robust automated controls.

Our services help our customers to quickly realize the value of their GRC products through the following service offerings:

  • Quick-start implemenation of GRC Access Control.
  • Quick-start implementation of GRC Process Control.
  • Assessment of Security Design


The SAP HANA ® platform is an entirely new approach, using in-memory processing technology to manipulate and analyze data.SAP HANA gives you access to the huge volume of data within your organization, in real time.

Our services help our customers to understand how HANA and In-Memory technology fits into their enviornment and the specific benefits it provides through the following service offerings:

  • Predefined Planning Assessment for SAP HANA.
  • Predefined Pilot Implementation for SAP HANA.
  • Custom Applications Development on SAP HANA.
  • SAP HANA Support Services including HANA System Monitoring,Performance Analysis,Data Model Testing and HANA Lifecycle Project Management.

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