SAP Services | Value Prototyping Services

Seeing is believing...
Libryn's unique Value Prototyping Services accelerate investment decisions,drive innovation from vision to reality and accelerate decision making by building customer-tailored proof-of-concepts and solution prototypes.

Advantages of Value Prototyping:

  • To improve the decision making
  • To get the buy-in from stakeholders and power users
  • To reduce risk and total cost of implementation
  • To accelerate implementation and deployment
  • To develop scenario specific know-how efficiently
  • Limited initial investment and resource needs
  • Touchable results, control and exit points every 2 weeks
  • No need to freeze scope and gather detailed requirements up front
  • Time of customer key people limited to concentrate step stone workshops
  • Keeping the focus on the business challenge rather than on technology

Libryn provides a One-Stop-Shop needed to build a proof-of-concept scenario covering the the latest SAP technologies and solutions.

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